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Trauma Informed Care is Important to Us

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) World Mental Health (WMH) Survey in 2016 indicated that 70% of adults experienced a traumatic event. Even if trauma isn’t what brings someone to therapy, it’s likely that most of us have experienced something that could impact our mental health and functioning. Being skilled in treating trauma is an important part of being a therapist, and it’s something we take seriously at Alliance Mental Health.

To that end, we are closing our office for two days on 10/20 and 10/21 to allow the staff to become Certified Clinical Trauma Professionals through Evergreen Certifications. This two-day training should supplement the training and experience of our therapists, enabling us to increase our effectiveness in treating clients coping with trauma.

We hope to continue bettering ourselves, our practice, and the treatment we can provide. We intend to be the best we can be, to help our clients heal, grow, and thrive.


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