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More Ways to Connect with Providers

In an effort to remove as many barriers between clients and providers, we’re taking steps to get all of our providers licensed in Maine as well as New Hampshire.

While we do feel that in general there is more benefit to in office visits over telehealth, we know that sometimes getting to the office just isn't practical. We try to offer online services to all of our clients as an option, but licensing laws can make that complicated. Our NH-based clients could fall back on telehealth, but we couldn’t always offer it to Maine-based clients.

With winter coming and all of the colds and poor road conditions that go with it, we're overjoyed to be able to put these licenses in place and hopefully help keep our Maine-based folks on track with their treatment even if they aren't able to get to our offices.

Some have already been approved by the state and we hope to have the rest in place soon.

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