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AMH had it's 7 year anniversary this week!

It feels like just yesterday we started down this road. The best part of this job is helping other people. Some days are tough; we see people at their most vulnerable, their most angry, their most hurt, their most sad. We hear stories of humanity at its worst, the things we do to each other out of pain or anger, and the wounds we carry as a result. But we also get to see those wounds heal. We get to see people grow and learn, to explore parts of themselves that they had perhaps neglected or buried. We get to see humanity at its best, the things we do out of love and grace, and to see self-knowledge bloom into self-acceptance and health. It has been a profound honor and privilege to serve our clients at Alliance Mental Health for the last 7 years. Thank you to the clients who have trusted us with their stories, and for the opportunity to be part of their healing process. We hope to continue to serve for years to come.


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