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Discussion and Support Groups

Parenting Skills and Support Group: June 22
Discipline and Behavior Plans for Parents


Alliance Mental Health is hosting a parenting skills and support group on June 22 at 1:00 pm. The group will start with an hour presentation by James Marston, LCMHC, followed by an hour of mutual support and processing.
Single parents and co-parents are welcome. This group is not a substitute for family therapy and is meant for education and support.
James has been working with kids and families for over fifteen years. He was the Mental Health Consultant for Strafford County Headstart for 8 years, and taught the state-required Child Impact Seminar at Seacoast Mental Health.
This group's topic will be Discipline and Behavior Plans. Learn about how problem behaviors may develop in children and some strategies about how to respond to them.  Discuss effective methods of behavior management, use of rewards and consequences, and how to target specific behaviors. Find the balance between following through with consequences and maintaining a positive, loving relationship with your children.
The cost is $30. RSVP below!

Upcoming Groups

Alliance Mental Health is offering other groups, starting soon:
  • Repeating Parenting Skills and Support Group: Focusing on presenting information on a variety of parenting topics and skills, followed by a period of discussion and mutual support for parents. 
Topics will include Parenting Styles, Child Development, Attachment and Anxiety, Discipline and Behavior Plans, Predictable Problems, Teenagers and Adolescence, Siblings and Family Dynamics, Family Culture and Values, and Common Mental Health Difficulties. 
  • Couples Communication Skills Development Group: Each session will include a presentation on communication skills, skills practice, and processing relationship dynamics. 

    Groups will be run by James Marston, LCMHC and Linda Handley
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